07 June 2011

Review of Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm in 06, Sweet Papaya

The 8 new shades in the Colour Quench range - Sweet Papaya is 3rd from the right.
This lovely lip balm, my new favourite, delivers both colour and care in one pretty gold-topped tube. The Clarins Colour Quench range has been around for a while but the formula has been enhanced and new colours added to the line as part of the brand's Mosaique collection for Summer 2011. I have completely fallen in love with shade 06, Sweet Papaya, which is a beautiful coral shade that looks and feels divine. 

It has a lovely creamy texture which, coupled with a delicious fruity taste and smell, makes it an absolute joy to wear. My lips feel nourished and hydrated with a gorgeous glossy sheen  -  and no stickiness, a personal bug bear of mine (and probably any woman with hair long enough to get stuck to her lips!).  With this product you get the shine and colour payoff of a gloss with the conditioning qualities of a balm – it’s packed with high quality ingredients like mango oil, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to hydrate and protect. A lovely product all round and at 15ml a generous size too, so well worth the €20 price tag in my opinion. While I was sent this one to try out, I’m already planning my next purchases from the range – peach nectar and strawberry sorbet, I’m looking at you!


Janie said...

*Runs to the Clarins counter* Need this in my life. And I love your blog, so pretty, thankyou!!

Joanne Hegarty said...

These look great Emma - I'm a big lip glossy !
Hope you are well

Roxy said...

Clarins products are well lush, thought they were pricier tbh, this one might be going on The List!

fluff and fripperies said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies, yep can't recommend this enough, I really really love it!

Shoezanne said...

mmmm these look lovely, I too hate sticky lip glosses. Juicy tubes are the worst imo.
I really like the second last red/coral one, it's lovely and Summery. I'll have to check it out :)

The Make Up Fairy said...

These look gorgeous xxx

fluff and fripperies said...

Ooh Shoezanne, great minds think alike - that one is strawberry sorbet, next on my list!

Joanne, they are, they're really lovely


Anonymous said...

Hi. First time visit and enjoying it.
Do you know which shade Clarins use in their advertising campaign?

rgds, x

Emma said...

The shade on the model is # 4 Raspberry :)