07 June 2011

NOTD: Thinking of Blue, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

After much, much consideration and review I have decided that my absolute favourite of all the gorgeous Sally Hansen Complete Manicure shades is this one, #460, Thinking of Blue. This has really surprised me: I’m generally not a massive fan of blue nail polishes and in fact till about a month ago there wasn’t even one in my collection. That’s all changed with the addition of Catrice’s Blue Cara Ciao and NYC’s Pier 17 – both beautiful blues, but there’s something about the Sally Hansen shade that I find absolutely mesmerising. When it’s on my nails I keep drifting off mid-sentence, lost in admiration and trying to work out the best way to describe this stunning blue creme polish. Having spent more time than I should have googling shades of blue I’ve decided that Indigo or French Navy Blue are probably the most accurate descriptions but, whatever you call it, I call it love. Two coats of this is all you need to get a gorgeous opaque finish and, like all the colours in the Complete Manicure range, there’s no need for a separate base or top coat.  With Thinking of Blue, I really have achieved the best finish on my nails that I’ve seen outside a salon.  I’m swooning.
It’s obviously a clear favourite with one Mr Paul Weller, too, who’s even more effusive than I am: “I'm thinking of blue/And the things you do to me/That make me love you/Now I'm living in ecstasy”.
That’s what he’s saying, right? Maybe you’d better listen for yourself:

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