26 May 2011

Talking Tooth and Nail: 5 minutes with Dana Caruso, Sally Hansen's Global Beauty Expert

The glamorous Ms Caruso herself
Last week I wrote about Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure and promised to tell you what I learned from chatting to Sally’s Global Beauty Expert, Dana Caruso, at the launch. 
Available from June, this manicure-in-a-bottle combines base and top-coat, strengthening and growth treatment and one of 36 gorgeous shades, all in one stylish, square-bottomed bottle.
It almost sounds too good to be true, so I asked Dana, who founded the Long Island Nail & Skin Care Institute and has been working with Sally Hansen for the last 12 years, what sets this range apart. In her opinion it’s a combination of three things: ease of application, thanks to the extra wide, tapered brush and the fact that you don’t need a separate base or topcoat; high quality ingredients, including coral calcium, sea mineral complex, pearl protein and marine kelp; and fashioned inspired colours – all combining to deliver as close to a salon-perfect manicure as you’re likely to achieve at home.
Dana has been involved in the nails industry since 1987, and has seen a radical shift in that time. When she started out, 70% of the market in the US was artificial nails: that figure has fallen to 10-12%, and the demand now is for a natural, healthy nail that still looks great, and doesn't require a professional to create. Enter Complete Salon Manicure.
Being that long in the industry, Dana knows all sorts of interesting little nuggets…like the fact that the nail industry is actually derived from the dental industry! Some bright spark observed the process of using acrylics to make false teeth and veneers, wondered if it would work on nails and hey presto, the manicure industry was born. Testament to this fact is the history of OPI –it stands for Odontorium Products Inc. and originally sold dentures and lab equipment. I kid you not.
Dana also confirmed what I’d suspected for a while: that when it comes to our nails, in Ireland we’re ahead of the curve. She predicted that globally, topcoats are going to be huge – glitters, crackles and other textures – essentially, what we’ve all been going mad for here over the past couple of years.
But the real hot trend, she thinks, is individuality: using mixing and matching, nail art and designer colours to create your own unique style. The most unusual look she’s seen recently was in Canada, where the half-moon was left entirely natural and the rest of the nail coated in a sheer jelly.
And her favourite colour in the new Sally Hansen line? That would be the same as mine, actually: Commander In Chic, a gorgeous purplish taupe that I’m actually just about to stick on my own nails.  I really want to try the range out properly before I share my thoughts, so watch this space…
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