13 May 2011

GOSH Light’N Shine Lip Glaze Review and Giveaway

Though I’m more of a lipstick girl these days, there will always be room in my heart and my handbag for a lovely tube of gloss – especially as we head into summer and, hopefully, holiday season! Along with suncream, tinted moisturiser and waterproof mascara, a nice sparkly gloss has always been a staple of my holiday kit so I was chuffed to receive a recent package with not one, not two but three gorgeous GOSH glosses from their lovely PR folks – and I’m sharing the love.  I’ve reviewed shade 04, Rosa, and read on to win either shade no 1, White,  a clear glaze with fine iridescent glitter,  or 03, Soft Rosa, which is a sparkly peachy pink.

Clockwise from top left: PR shot of the range - White is the first gloss pictured and Soft Rosa the third; shade 04, Rosa, in its packaging - peel off that sticker to reveal the handy little mirror; here's the light and mirror in all their glory; swatches and a close up of the brush applicator. Click on the image to enlarge.
Rosa is a pretty pink gloss with tiny little glitter particles, mostly purple and pink. It’s a high shine product with good staying power for a gloss, and despite being packed full of sparkle and shine it doesn’t feel sticky or gritty on the lips. There’s a pleasant, vanilla taste and scent and a nice brush applicator - but what really sets it apart is the clever packaging. An inbuilt light and mirror make this a very handy little gloss indeed, and perfect for popping (or in my case, jamming) into a clutch before a night on the tiles.

The light-up lid invites obvious comparisons with the Liparazzi glosses. I haven’t tried these, but they’re currently €18.37 on asos so, at about €12.99 in
Ireland, the GOSH lip glazes seem like a better value proposition. There are 6 shades which you can pick up at Superdrug or A-wear or, of course, you can enter my little giveaway to win one of the two shades described above. Just leave a comment below to say which one you’d prefer, and sign up to get fluff and fripperies by email (there’s a little box up there on the right hand side of the blog). Easy peasy! Now what are you waiting for?

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