07 April 2011

Will you be rocking the turban trend this Summer?

Turbans have been threatening a revival since 2007 when Prada featured them as a key part of their Spring collection. Since then, there’s been talk here and there of a turban ‘microtrend’ and they’ve cropped up in a few high profile places - like when Kate Moss wore one in '09 to the annual Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and atop Carrie Bradshaw’s tumbling waves as the best part of the Sex and the City 2 movie last year -  but they’ve yet to be fully embraced.  For a while, it seemed like the turban proper had been eclipsed by the more wearable headscarf, but there’s something so old school glamorous about the former that I find it oddly compelling. And now, with the 70s trend being the big story this summer, I’m hoping it’s finally turban-time!

But what do you think, dramatically different or best left to the dressing up box?


1. Vintage Vogue Cover
2. Grace Kelly, original champion of the turban trend
3. Grace rocking a pink towelling turban in the 70s
4. The look returns at the Prada Spring 2007 show
5. Kate Moss in a jumbo turban at the Met in ‘09
6. Carrie in SATC 2. Awful film, fabulous headgear
7. Ashley Olsen in turban-inspired headscarf
8. Kylie in turban-inspired hat
9. Me, camping it up in Cannes last year
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