19 April 2011

Will you be influenced by The Leona Look?

Somebody needs to have a quiet word with Leona Lewis.

The 25-year-old X-factor winner, who last month was voted ‘the most influential woman to live or work in London in the past century’ -  part of a poll to mark the centenary of International Woman’s Day* – has recently been snapped out and about in a variety of identikit outfits of her own design.

She has reportedly told People magazine: "I’m having loads of fun and just feeling so inspired and excited about what’s going on! I’m in a very creative zone right now and really enjoying experimenting with fashion.”

The Leona Look seems to consist of a series of interchangeable novelty belly tops, teamed with tight, high-waisted skirts. If nothing else, at least she was consistent.

Then she stepped out in this little number at the Genesis Awards.

Hey Leona, why the long face? (Sorry, I just couldn't resist!)
According to her Facebook page, the dedicated animal rights supporter was making a deliberate statement with this odd attire: "Now Leona LOVES her horses and proudly announced this on her outfit at the award ceremony, which raises awareness of animal issues." Ok, then.

While a part of me admires Leona for her commitment to her principles, I can't help wishing she'd do it in something other than these peculiar, repetitive outfits.

So far, her designs aren’t available to the public, but there has been talk of her starting an ethical clothing line ‘sometime in the very near future.’

What do you think? Would you wear the Leona look?

*Yes, really. Metro readers in London picked Lewis from a list that included Virgina Woolf, Emmeline Pankhurst, Vivienne Westwood and Millicent Fawcett.

Images from Leona Lewis's Facebook page


cornflakegirl said...

I cannot believe she topped that poll. What were the people who voted thinking?

If she does start an ethical clothing line let's hope none of these 'designs' are included. I'm really not liking them at all.

Anonymous said...

eek. no, no, a thousand times no. HOT MESS.

ArtDonatella said...

I'm actually o.k. with the black dress, but the other combos 'Come on!' Really? And from golden goddess to orange, she is beautiful though, I loved her previous style, the current one...not really a style is it?!

Kitty Cat said...

Leona's lost the run of herself entirely.

Trish said...

Oh I hate the horse one, and from the embarassed way she's standing looks like she knows it's stoopid too! I do like her hair like that though

fluff and fripperies said...

Thanks for the comments guys! For the record I love Leona's fringe, that red lipstick she's wearing with the long skirt and I have been known to belt out a bit of Bleeding Love in my time. I also voted for her on X Factor and cried when she won. But I really, REALLY, don't like these clothes.