22 April 2011

A valuable life lesson...

We were talking about Liz Earle on fluff and fripperies earlier this week, and it's great to see so much love for this brilliant, no-fuss beauty brand. I was happy to note that Sali Hughes, beauty columnist for The Guardian, is a fellow fan - in her recent column on hot cloth cleansing, she said that she can't live without Liz's Cleanse & Polish. However, I confess to giggling a little bit when I saw she'd gone to the effort of recording a litle video, showing us how to clean our faces - and encouraging us to do so rather than sleeping in our makeup. Right so, thanks for that Sali - I can't believe I've been doing it so wrong for so many years!

Have a look, and let me know what you think - did you learn anything new, or is Sali teaching her Granny how to suck eggs with this one?!

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