29 April 2011

Fluffy little pick of the week

This week’s pick is a hardworking little hero that should be a staple of any woman’s beauty kit. Johnson’s Baby Oil is not only a great multi-tasker but an absolute bargain to boot – my bottle set me back the princely sum of €1.99 when I bought it in a panic earlier this week. It turns out that applying your new gel eyeliner on the bus isn’t really such a great idea, judging by the strange looks and stifled sniggers when I arrived at work. Who knew?! Luckily I remembered a  post by the gorgeous beauty blogger Art Donatella (who I met this week along with a few other lovely women from our little blogging community), listing Baby Oil as one of her most reached for products. I ran out for a bottle and some cotton buds and they cleaned up my messy make-up in a jiffy.  The fabulous Rosemary Mac Cabe tells me the Baby Bedtime Oil makes for a relaxing evening body moisturiser and either version is great in the bath. You can also use the regular stuff in place of your usual shaving cream, on dry cuticles or cracked heels and, a favourite A-lister trick, apply to bare legs to make them seem longer and leaner.
I’m sure there are myriad other uses for this versatile product and if you have any tips, please share ‘em in the comments!
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