28 April 2011

Bobbi Brown Corrector and Creamy Concealer Kit: review and swatches

Concealer used to be the least important part of my beauty kit. A Rimmel Hide The Blemish stick knocked around the bottom of my makeup bag, rooted out on occasion to cover up the odd blemish. 

But age, stress and a few sleepless nights have combined to change all that. The skin under my eyes is dehydrated, I have a few fine lines and some very noticeable dark circles. My usual concealers weren’t cutting it in the coverage or hydration stakes for this delicate area and, on one particularly bad morning last month, after just a few hours sleep, I ran in desperation to the Bobbi Brown counter in Brown Thomas.

They recommended a three step process to banish my unwanted under-eye baggage:

1) Hydrating Eye Cream, which has an inbuilt primer, to prep the area

2) Their new Corrector, available in 12 shades, to brighten and neutralise discoloration under the eyes. This is recommended for very dark circles or days when you need extra coverage - which for me these days, is all the freakin' time.

3) Creamy Concealer kit, a repackaged version which includes a concealer and pressed setting powder. There are 14 shades to choose from so you should be able to find your perfect match.

Clockwise from top left: me, hastily applying the products to one eye; concealer kit (above) and corrector; product applied on the right hand side only (my left eye); corrector in Light Bisque shade; opened cases;  cool sand concealer with pale yellow powder. As with all images on the blog, just click to enlarge.

 Photos very kindly taken for me by my colleague, Deryck Tormey, of Deryck Tormey Photography. Check out his Facebook page to see some samples of his 'proper' work!
For budgetary reasons I passed on the eye cream, but purchased both the corrector and the creamy concealer kit. Bobbi calls these her ‘secret of the universe’. They weren’t particularly cheap: both products together cost around €50 – the concealer kit was just over €30 and the corrector just under €20. But these are effective, heavy duty products so worth every penny in my book: they really deliver on their promise to instantly cover and brighten dark circles, while maintaining the skin’s moisture levels.

Thick swatches of Light Bisque corrector (top) and Cool Sand concealer (bottom).
The pink toned corrector is brilliant at neutralising the green, blue and purple tones in dark circles. The yellow based concealer is applied over the top for a smooth look, to cover and brighten the area. The final step is the pressed powder which sets the concealer in place and makes sure it lasts all day. Have a look at the video above for tips on how to apply.

Both the corrector and concealer are rich and creamy in consistency but don’t feel too heavy on the skin. You do need the powder on top or the area feels tacky to the touch. It also ensures that everything stays in place for most of the day. I don’t find that these products cake or settle too badly into fine lines and in this regard, they are a world apart from what I had been using.

I’ve also used them on a few blemishes and found them just as effective so they get a big thumbs up from me all round , and I’m going back for that Hydrating Eye Cream just as soon as I’ve saved up my pennies.
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Jo said...

How much was the eye cream do you know?

fluff and fripperies said...

Hey Jo, a quick search on the fabulous beaut.ie tells me it's in the region of €40 - but it's only £25/£27 in the UK, bah!. May wait till the next time I'm in Glasgow to pick this up...

Joanne Hegarty said...

Hi hon. Lovely post - I really must get you to give me some make-up tips someday. I'm @joannehegarty

Lorrrrrraine said...

I've been trying to decide between this and the Laura Mercier alternative for a lifetime! They both look amazing x

cornflakegirl said...

I put this on my wishlist after seeing it up close, it looks amazing. Glad you like it.

little t said...

This system is brilliant, but so pricey when you have to buy the cream, corrector and concealer. I think they should have a little starter kit with all three.

Sara K said...

Having born myself a baby that didn't sleep for two whole years I through myself at a make up lady, eyes heavy, years older and dark circled with tears in my eyes pleading "fix me".... and that was the day I met the concealer I will take with me to the grave.

The bad boy itself is Estee Lauders "disappear" - and it does exactly what it says on the tin. The tiniest amount goes the longest way and my aged forehead and heavy eyes are thankful for it just about every day. I have it in light and medium - depending on sun kissed levels and whether i'm donning the bronzer (correctly applied).

You should check it out Mrs Fluff. Its a winner - and when have I ever been known to endorse a product you didn't put in my makeup bag!

Sara K said...

um *threw - not *through - BLOODY HELL. Lets blame that on the baby too!

Jinger Kat said...

Need some of this to hide the Christmas excesses that are showing

Regina Doran said...

I use all three products! I have naturally dark undereye circles and concealer on its own just doesn't cut it! I set it with Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder.