28 March 2011

Winslet-Watch: "In a New York minute, everything can change"*

Now wait up just a gosh darn cotton pickin' minute.

No sooner do we get used to Kate's brand new tresses than she goes and pulls a Victoria Beckham on us and changes it all up all over again.

Here she is, pictured in New York yesterday at the premiere of her new HBO show, Mildred Pierce. Her hair seems to be long enough to pin into a soft upstyle and it looks even darker than her pre-bleach, pre-crop usual honeyed shade of blonde.

What do you think, should she have kept the crop just a little bit longer than a teeny tiny New York minute?

Thanks to the Marie Claire website for this breaking news.

Post title: Lyric from Don Henley's 'New York Minute'


Rosemary said...

I don't care about her hair as she bores me something rotten, but she should have left the dress in Century 21 where it belongs. The end.

Molto ❤ Fashion said...

She cut her hair?! I can't help but say it: But her hair was so pretty! It's hard to tell in this picture as it just looks like it is simply pinned back, and she does have the face that could carry it off, but still- the cropped hair thing leaves me feeling "Eh.." I guess she wanted to pull an Emma Watson! ;P xx

little t said...

I think there is nothing like Kate's long thick waves. I wish she hadn't changed it to begin with :(

fluff and fripperies said...

@Rosemary I quite like the Stella McCartney frock - I wouldn't wear it myself like, but I think Kate looks beautiful in it. She may not be the most exciting sleb but there's something about her I really like, I reckon she'd be good craic down the pub.

@Claudia/Thelma I'm with ye. I think her hair was lovely to start off with...though fair play to her for getting such a radical chop, even if she did change it back almost immediately!