24 March 2011

Irish Blog Awards – the end of an era

I enjoyed an extra long Paddy’s day break this year, pottering about the city’s many watering holes and bringing our visiting friend, Chris, to some of our new favourite places in Dublin, like the Workman’s Club, The Grand Social and Boojum. Unfortunately, it meant I had to miss this year’s Irish Blog Awards – Chris flat out refused to consider a wee trip to Belfast – and I was sorry about that, especially when I found out it was the last one (at least in its current incarnation.

I’m glad I made it last year; I had a lot of fun, especially at the Ladies Tea Party, where all of the witty and wonderful female bloggers I met inspired me to start up fluff and fripperies. I’m grateful for the opportunity, and want to thank Damien and the judges and everyone else involved for all their hard work.

I had a lot of fun the next day too with my friend Jen, who writes over at The Lady Loves Books. The polystyrene Blog Awards sign caught her eye, and I was happy to be their sidekick on the great Galway Gadabout of 2010.        

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