24 March 2011

Five Favourite Things

Along with the sunshine, here are a few things that are currently making me smile.

My friend Lola bought me these lovely handmade ear-rings for my birthday, from the Loft Market. Look at the little horsie! Ahem...moving swiftly on...

I was also lucky enough to receive this big box of Kiehl's goodies from my friend Joanne, so expect a whole host of reviews coming up. So far I've only tried out the tinted lip balm, which I love.

This coral twist-lock bag from Dorothy Perkins was bought for me in London by my sister, Vicky, and brightens up pretty much any outfit.

Another gift - this time from both my sisters, at Christmas. This is gorgeous; lighter than Chanel No 5, which I also wear, but with a similar powdery floral vibe going on. And it's bleedin' massive, too, so I can't imagine running out soon.

My new favourite dinner is pretty much anything chucked into the George Foreman and then served with salad and this delicious, easy-peasy sweet potato dish. It's another one of Jamie's and yes, he is annoying, but he also does some damn fine eats. He calls this smashed potatoes and it was part of one of his 30 minute meals. Using 1 potato, 2 sweet potatoes, half a lemon, 1 red chilli, some feta cheese and a bunch of fresh coriander, it's quick, easy and absolutely lovely.

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Mandy said...

Those ear-rings are only gorgeous!!!