28 February 2011

(Yet another) review of Boots No 7 Exquisite Curl Mascara...

Boots No 7 invested heavily in online marketing to promote their latest mascara offering, Exquisite Curl. I found some of the activities, like the (now closed) Best Wink competition on Facebook, a little cheesy; like the Pantene Swish campaign, I just don’t get it -  but I’m probably at least a decade older than their target audience, so I’m not meant to.

However, some of the brand's marketing activities have come in for more serious criticism, which you can read about here if you’re so inclined.

Boots also sent out a hell of a lot of samples to beauty bloggers for review, and fluff and fripperies was no exception; the blogosphere was nigh on flooded with 'em.

Now, while I’m generally a No 7 fan, I wasn’t blown away by this product so I wasn’t going to write about it - it’s fine, but not my favourite offering from the brand by a long shot. But I realised that, in the host of great reviews for what I deem to be a fairly average mascara, what is my favourite offering from the brand was getting seriously overlooked. So I decided to do a little comparison post with No 7’s previous mascara launch, Exceptional Definition, which I really liked. A lot.

After all, they say a picture speaks a thousand words…

Curved wand of Exquisite Curl on the left; Exceptional Definition wand on the right.

Exquisite Curl on the top; Exceptional Definition on the bottom; and a nice shot of my latest purchase, also from Boots - No 17 Lasting Fix nail polish in lemon sherbet. Spring is in the air...

No mascara on either eye...

Exquisite Curl on the left, Exceptional Definition on the right. One coat of each, and you can see that Exceptional Definition does a much better job on my particular eye shape and lashes. It really grabs the lashes on the inner and outer corners, which makes a big difference.  My lashes also look a lot longer with Exceptional Definition than they do with Exquisite Curl.

But I do have a use for Exquisite Curl...here, on the left, I've layered Exceptional Definitition OVER Exquisite Curl and the result is a fuller, more volumised lash look than either mascara on their own.

So to sum up, while it works nicely for layering, the only thing I really prefer about Exquisite Curl is the pretty lilac packaging. And while I received it as a review product (along with about a million other beauty bloggers), I bought and paid for Exceptional Definition with my own cash money. And my advice, for what it’s worth, is that you do the same.
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