04 February 2011

Tigi Bed Head Spoil Me review: What’s the story, crowning glory?

My hair has been a bit unhappy recently. It’s long, thick and naturally wavy so it has a tendency to frizz and, since I started to lighten it before Christmas, it’s been feeling dry and looking a bit lifeless. My usual hair care products just aren’t doing the business anymore so I’ve been seduced into buying pretty much anything with a moisturising, smoothing or defrizzing claim. And sadly, some of my new purchases just haven’t been coming up with the goods...   
A recent disappointment has been this spray product from Tigi called, and wait for it, Bed Head Spoil Me Defrizzer Smoother & Instant Restyler. Bit of a mouthful, eh?

It comes in a giant (300 ml), bright green aerosol can which cost me €20 in the salon. You spray it all over damp or dry hair, a fuss free approach which sounded very attractive to me, as did its claims to be excellent as a second day re-styler.

The spray itself is quite strongly scented. It claims to be citrusy but to me, it smelled similar to Benefit’s Bathina…sort of powdery and distinctive, but not unpleasant.
Here’s what the product claims:

Indulge yourself with this smoothing anti-static defrizzer that gives light, moveable hold. Be spoiled…it’s about smooth, soft, sexy hair.
  • Helps repair and moisturise
  • Light hold
  • Prevents static
Maybe my hair presented too much of a challenge for it. Maybe hair that’s a bit healthier to start with would fare better with this product. But on my unruly mop, this spray has had no effect at all.  
On damp hair, it dried frizzier than ever, as if I hadn't applied any product  whatsoever. On dry hair, as a second day-restyler, it temporarily tamed the frizz by dampening down my hair a little -- but I may as well have misted it with water, because the effect didn’t last.  In terms of hold and prevention of static, I've had far better results from a bottle of Elnett. And moisturising? Yeah, not so much of that, either.
But what do you think, have you tried this? How did you get on?  Am I missing something?
And if you like it, leave me a comment -- you can have mine.
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