01 February 2011

Love the look: Drew Barrymore in Going the Distance

It might be a (shudder) rom-com, but both himself and myself quite enjoyed Going the Distance when we watched it this weekend. Ok, so the script falls a bit flat in places, but the September 2010 release has lots going for it to set it apart from the usual dross offered up in this genre: a  realistic, recession-era storyline, some laugh-out- loud comedy moments, a good supporting cast and, most of all, two really likeable main characters. Justin Long is good as Garrett, but it was Drew Barrymore as Erin who was the real star of the show. I loved her character, a witty, boozy, sweary 31-year-old, who’d be great craic down the pub. And even in the weaker moments of the film (of which there were a few, mostly involving Garrett’s two best friends) I had plenty to keep me interested -- Drew’s wardrobe, hair and make-up, for a start.

For most of the movie, she rocked a silvery taupe eyeshadow with varying degrees of liner and mascara, and often paired with a neutral lip. Like so:

Occasionally she upped the ante with brighter or stronger lips, like the pink below or, in one scene, a lovely bold orange.

I know I said I don’t really emulate people’s make-up looks but in this case, Drew has inspired me to dig out my own silvery taupe eyeshadow from Boots (Stay Perfect in #60, Mink) which, with a coat or two of mascara and a nude lip (and a flash of  Rimmel's Dancing Queen on the nails), makes for a perfect quick and easy work look.  And with these shadows coming in at just under a tenner, they're the perfect price for my own recession-era storyline, too...

Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Mink


├Źna said...

It is because you notice such details that you deserve to be blogger of the week all of the time.

fluff and fripperies said...

Aw, thank you Ina!

Everyone, please note, Ina is NOT MY MUM.

Roxy said...

Drew is just deadly. Haven't seen this film but it sounds worth watching. Love the look of that eyeshadow.