08 February 2011

French Connection SS11: You are Woman?

I really like the vibe of these shots from French Connection’s latest campaign, ‘You are Woman?’. Apparently, the campaign – alongside the corresponding ‘You are Man?’ – is intended to ‘question what it means to be a Man or a Woman’. I don’t know about that, but I do know that these playful, cheeky shots are gorgeous to look at, set as they are against the mediterranean backdrop of the island of Gozo.

Look at his tongue!

She's getting her legs shaved BY THE BARBER!

The collection itself is inspired by the ‘effortlessly chic French Riviera and the glamour of Studio 54 in the ‘70s’, featuring breezy sundresses, tailored shorts, wide legged trousers and retro jumpsuits alongside a collection of quite lovely accessories. I’ve posted a selection over on the fluff and fripperies facebook page.

Ok, this one isn't really all that funny, Pretty, though, no?

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