06 January 2011

Top 10 of 2010: “Come on baby, you're my greatest hit”*

Being a curious creature (ok, make that plain old nosy), I really enjoy all those top 10 round-ups and lists you get towards the end of the year. I may be a week or two late with this, but here are my greatest beauty hits of 2010. That’s not to say the products were released last year, as many of them have been around for a while, but these were my personal favourites. And while I’m tempted to stick in a lot of the great beauty gifts I was lucky enough to receive this Christmas, I’ll hold off as their rightful place is on next year’s top 10 round up.

So in no particular order, here we go:

Serum de Rouge
1. Favourite Lip Product: Dior Serum de Rouge Luminous Colour Lip Treatment
This is absolutely luscious. With its silky, ultra moisturising texture, Serum de Rouge falls somewhere between cosmetic and skincare and contains 10 times more concentrated skincare ingredients than your average lipstick. Looks and feels divine. I can’t say enough good things about this little tube of loveliness (although I tried, here).

Chanel moisturiser
2. Favourite Moisturiser: Chanel Beauté Initiale Energizing Multi-Protection Cream
This is, quite simply, a fantastic product: a thick, pale pink cream which is easily absorbed, delicately fragranced and beautifully packaged in a square glass jar. It has an immediate effect on my skin – as soon as it’s applied my face is brighter and my skin looks plumped up and hydrated. With blue ginger, vitamins, minerals and SPF 15, too. Love, love, love. Love. LOVE.

3. Favourite Nail Polish Remover: L’Onglex
I first encountered this lovely Irish brand when they sponsored the Ladies Tea Party before last year’s Irish Blog Awards, in the penthouse of the uber luxe G Hotel in Galway, no less. I love the pretty, quirky packaging, I love the way they interact with people on Twitter and through their blog, but most of all, I love that this is the most effective nail polish remover I have ever used. Both the original pink variety and the milder, acetone- free purple bottle whip off even the most stubborn glitters in a flash and are packed full of moisturising and nourishing goodies like essential oils, vitamin E and aloe vera, to boot. 

4. Favourite Nail Polish: Dior Vernis in Pepite Gold Nugget (708)
Dior Vernis Gold Nugget
I love this polish so much I can’t believe I haven’t given it it’s own post. It holds the record for being the only polish I have completely used up and then repurchased. The combination of the bronzey, olive hued colour, sparkly gold shimmer, easy application and long lasting formula means I reach for this time and time again. I plan to add Dior’s Christmas ’10 releases, Timeless Gold and Or Tsarine Czarina Gold, to my collection in the very near future.

5. Favourite Cleanser: Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
I toy with other cleansers from time to time but I keep coming back to Liz Earle’s gorgeous two step system because it works wonders for my skin. With rosemary, chamomile, eucalyptus and cocoa butter, the cleanser smells divine and leaves my face soft, smooth and very, very clean. The muslin cloths polish and naturally exfoliate my skin. Buying from this company is a real treat, too: everything is carefully and individually packaged and they always throw in a couple of little surprises with your order.

6. Favourite Eye Make Up Remover: Lancome Bi-Facil
Lancome Bi-Facil
Bi-Facil delivers on every promise it makes, gently and effectively removing even the smokiest eye make-up with minimum effort and without the oily residue you get with some other products. Leaves eyes feeling thoroughly cleansed and refreshed. Lovely.

7. Favourite Multiple Use Product: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant
In the past year I’ve used this product to add gloss to my eyelids, sheen to my cheekbones, soothe sunburnt toes, nourish dry cuticles and elbows, hold eyebrows in place and, most regularly, as a turbo charged lip balm or overnight lip treatment. A handbag essential.

8. Favourite Dry Shampoo: Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Morning After Dry Shampoo

Umberto Giannini Dry Shampoo
2010 was the year I discovered the wonders of dry shampoo -- a product I love, not for its hair cleaning properties, but for its volumising effects. Like other dry shampoos, you spray this onto the roots, leave for a few minutes and then rub through with your fingers. Unlike other dry shampoos, it doesn’t leave a white residue or lend a decidedly grey hue to my dark locks. It gives lift and volume without drying out my hair or looking too obviously like I’m wearing half a can of dry shampoo.

9. Favourite Facial Astringent/Toner: Clinique Clarifying Lotion #2 
For whatever reason, I don’t tend to use a lot of Clinique products but I like to have a bottle of this on hand. I’m not entirely sure whether this is a toner, an exfoliator, a ‘facial astringent’ or any of the above, but they call it ‘the difference maker’ and they’re right. If my skin is playing up I add this into my beauty routine and it helps clear up any breakouts, quick sharp.

10. Favourite Bronzer/Highlighter: Benefit 10

Last but not least, this pretty highlighter/bronzer duo has found its way into my everyday routine. Ditching the brush it came with, I use a fluffy powder brush to contour my cheeks with the bronzer and sweep the pale pink highlighter powder on my cheekbones and temples. I finish with a pop of bright pink cream blusher on the apples of my cheeks and feel considerably more polished as a result.

So there you have it, my top ten of twenty-ten. What do you reckon, have you tried any of these products and did you love ‘em as much as I did?

*Post title: Lyric from Annie, ‘Greatest Hit’. Here, give it a whirl:


Laina said...

I'm afraid Umberto Giannini has been knocked off my list for years - one of those torpedo-style bottles fell on my toe (full! the pain of it!) and the boys in my house all made rude comments about it anyway. Not worth it!

Anonymous said...

You like Annie AND Liz Phair?! Music buddies!!

Lovely post - I have a new favourite product for 2011, face primer from Penneys, it's absolutely fabulous!

Karen said...

Now I want to buy that Chanel face cream, thanks hehe You couldn't have loved a nice cheap one hehhe Great post :)

Anonymous said...


Laina just showed me your wonderful blog! I also am a fan of all things Benefit- LOVE 10!!

Love the blog lady,


fluff and fripperies said...

Thanks for stopping by guys!

@Laina, yep, the bottle shape is certainly...suggestive!

@newyorklady, clearly you have excellent taste ;) Where do you stand on the Ramones?

@Karen, I know, I know, I'd prefer if it was a few quid cheaper myself but what can I say - it works wonders!

@Elaine, thanks for saying hello, Benefit 10 rocks! Looking forward to catching up on your own most excellent blog.

julie said...

I suspect reading this blog could be harmful to my bank balance - I tried to wean myself off the expensive makeup years ago and now you've got me daydreaming about that "Serum de rouge"...

Anonymous said...

I've actually never listened to the Ramones, but if you recommend them, I trust your judgment ;)