28 January 2011

Review of YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in #12, Forbidden Burgundy

I have a lot to be grateful to lovely L’Onglex for. Not only do they make my favourite nailpolish remover (which made my top 10 of 2010), and keep me amused with their archly entertaining beauty blog, but they’ve only gone and selected fluff and fripperies as this week’s blog of the week.
And as if that wasn’t enough, they did a little interview with me in which they asked, amongst all sorts of other make-up related questions, about my current beauty wishlist.
So it’s indirectly down to them -- and to my beautiful and big-hearted friend Eleanor, who read the post -- that I’m now the very proud owner of my first YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick.

And this stuff is lush! No wonder it’s the favoured lipstick of Kirstie from beaut.ie (check out her stash!). I have it in #12, Forbidden Burgundy -- although to my mind, it’s more of a deep, dark pink.  It feels really light, silky and moisturising on the lips and, while I don’t expect the colour to last, that just gives me an excuse to whip out and wave around the luxe golden tube.

Thanks L’Onglex, thanks Elle, and thanks YSL!
Picture credit: These shots are, once again, thanks to my amazingly talented colleague, Bonnie. When she’s not taking pictures of my make up she’s busy snapping all sorts of fabulous shots which you can check out at her flickr account.
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