05 January 2011

2010, my year in beauty: “Looking back, over my shoulder”*

2010 saw a few changes in my beauty habits, preferences and regime. As I’ve already written about my personal resolutions, of sorts, I thought I’d use my very first post of the new year to reflect on some of the changes ushered in by the old one.  But before I get to that, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to read and comment on my blog last year and to wish you every good thing for the year ahead.

Before I get all soppy on you, here are the main things I did differently last year. 

Just browsing…

Janet Leigh's wonderful eyebrows as Marion Crane, Psycho
In 2010 I became increasingly obsessed with my eyebrows. I had a growing suspicion that I was guilty of that cardinal beauty sin, over-plucking, and became hyper aware of other people’s lush, full brows. At Pscyho Live in the National Concert Hall I found it hard to concentrate on anything other than the lovely thick eyebrows of the leading ladies. I’m unable to distinguish whether I genuinely love Fade Street or am just addicted to Louise’s excellent eyebrows. And my guilty pleasure was watching Cher Lloyd on X Factor and feeling secretly smug that my brows were, at least, significantly better than hers were.

good brows

bad brows

And now, thanks to this fabulous little Clarins kit I got for Christmas (thanks Mum), I can indulge my obsession to my heart’s content and spend hours fashioning bolder, fuller eyebrows that properly frame my face. I’ll do a little review of it soon.

Read my lips…

2010 was also the year I moved away from gloopy, girlish lipgloss and back towards proper, grown up lipstick, which I’d stopped wearing some time around the mid 1990’s. I vividly recall the joy I felt on receiving my first ever tubes of lipstick one Christmas, Rimmel’s coffee and heather shimmers, unprecedented (the joy, not the lipsticks!) until I found Tom Ford’s Private Blend Lip Colour in Cherry Lush under the tree this year.  

This gorgeous tasting, creamy and super-pigmented lipstick is everything I’d hoped for, but is definitely on the pricy side at around €45. On the more affordable side of the spectrum I also fell for theBalm’s Read My Lips lipstick in Classified (a sheer beige nude) and Wanted (a sheer deep red) which are packed full of nourishing, hydrating ingredients and go on more like a tinted balm than a full-on lip colour. (And theBalm has now definitely landed at A-Wear on Grafton Street.)

Lightening up…

I also developed a bit of an obsession with various radiance boosting lotions and potions which I hoped would give me back my 16-year-old skin. They didn’t, you’ll be shocked to hear, but some of them did make a difference…though not enough to justify the extra time and money they required. The search continues…

Shopping around…

Last year I set off on a number of missions to find my HG products. (That’s Holy Grail, to save you, like me, having to google what on earth those letters mean on the beauty blogs). There was the hunt for the perfect mascara and my ongoing searches for the perfect hair oil/serum and foundation. I shopped around, did my research, asked for samples and personal recommendations, and was generally much better informed before I parted with my hard-earned cash money. That’s definitely something I plan to keep up in 2011 and, of course, I plan to blog all about my experiences and the products and services that do and don’t tick my boxes.

Here’s to 2011 -- a new year, new start and new make-up!

* Post title: Lyric from Mike & The Mechanics, ‘Over My Shoulder’
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