06 December 2010

Winter Warmers: “You’re Everything I Hoped For, You’re Everything I Need”*

Is it just me, or is the Big Thaw colder than the Big Freeze? At least public transport seems to be back on track, because the experience of inching home in a blizzard over treacherous ice-covered footpaths is not one I’m keen to repeat in a hurry. Although I don’t think I’d have lived to tell the tale were it not for these little beauties, to which I must pay proper tribute.
Now, I have loved many an item of footwear in my 30-something years. There was the tribal thrill of owning my first pair of Docs, aged 14, when I hoped I’d taken the first bouncy step towards eternal joy and happiness with Kurt Cobain. I had similar experiences with my first pair of Converse and my Adidas Gazelles, ownership of both making my heart swell with pride. There was a pair of strappy high heeled leopard print sandals that I wore with a ratty fur jacket, ‘inspired’ by Alabama in True Romance.  And there were my wedding shoes, worn just the once (so far!) but lovingly adored.
But none of these, to the best of my recollection, have saved my life, the way I’m sure my beloved Rockport Anna Lace-Ups have done, again and again, through these past snow-filled wintery days.  Here’s what the website says:Durable, warm and snug. Just like you want in a boot. It’s time you made winter a little more cozy.” And if anything, they’re even better than that sounds. They’re gorgeous and comfy and warm, have put a literal spring in my step, kept me safe on those icy foothpaths and they’re not coming off my feet till at least next March -- when I might treat myself to a little something something in Clerys from Rockport’s Spring/Summer collection

I’m also very pleased with this little lovely, which is my new Winter Hat. Let’s just ignore the fact that it cost €27 in the Clerys Topshop concession while it’s a mere £18 online; in Arctic conditions, you can’t rely on the postie. So let’s marvel instead at its thick woolly cable knit, cosy earflaps and toasty faux-fur  goodness.

But what about you, what’s wrapping you warmly this winter?

STOP PRESS! According to the Clerys Facebook page today is their Christmas Customer Day, with mulled wine and refreshments from 5.30pm and a whopping 20% off everything in all departments. So even if you don't fancy stomping about in my exact same winter hat and boots (there's some right oddballs out there so you never know), you can still get your grubby little paws on all manner of other winter warmers...oh, and maybe pick up a pressie or two, while you're there.
Post title: Joe Cocker, ‘You Are So Beautiful To Me’


Anna said...

You had me at mulled wine! See you in Clerys...I'll know you by your winter hat and boots!!!

fluff and fripperies said...

@Anna, how romantic, my first stalker! ;)

Bonnie said...

Need to buy myself a pair of good snow boots to navigate these slippery times so may have to have a look at your lovely boots. Thanks for the advice. :)

ína said...

Two words: mammoth crocs.


fluff and fripperies said...

@Ina, I am not even going to dignify that comment with a reply. Well not a proper reply anyway.

Ína said...

More fool you, my friend. They are the way of the future.

Karen said...

Lovvvvve the boots and the hat looks so cozy! I'm ready for this snow and ice to be gone now

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