02 December 2010

Skin brightener trials, part 2: 'How can the light that burned so brightly suddenly turn so pale?'*

As my skin increasingly cops onto the concept that I wasn’t born yesterday, or even the day before that, I’ve been experimenting with various concoctions in the hope of more youthful, brighter and radiant looking skin. Yesterday I told you about my search for the perfect serum; today the quest continue as I play with primers (and annoy with aimless alliteration).
Ahem. Moving swiftly along…
So! Apart from Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, and despite the rake of them that are out there, I’ve been blithely ignoring the existence of these products as an unnecessary, additional step to my morning routine. But I had a couple of them lying about, so in the name of research …
  • Clarins Beauty Flash Balm: First up, this old favourite of mine: Beauty Flash Balm must be the grandmother of all primers, because I remember nicking my mum’s when I was about 15/16 and had absolutely no business mucking about with the natural glow of youth. I picked up some of my own in my early twenties and, as the first high-end beauty product I’d ever owned myself, fell head –over-heels in love. Revisiting it now though leaves me a little puzzled because the glowy, tightened, brightened effects of yore are noticeably absent. This is a good make-up base and creates a nice finish but, at €30-something for 30mls, it’s too pricey for my pocket. Though they are doing a nice Swarovski encrusted limited edition at the moment...
  • Benefit Dr Feelgood Face Refiner Complexion Balm: I love that this mattifying face balm comes in a kitsch, handbag-sized metal tin. But that’s about all I love, because this doesn’t suit my normal-to-combination skin at all. It was a recent gift which I used with trepidation because I’d purchased in my mid-twenties and experienced breakouts and dry, flaky patches; unfortunately, I had a repeat experience and I won’t be using this again. However, it could be good for those with oilier skin because of its mattifying properties.  
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer: Courtesy of A-wear, who stock Gosh products in at least their Grafton and Hentry Street stores, I had a couple of little sample packets of this clear, scentless serum to try out and I had two very different experiences. The first time I applied it under a base of Chanel Pro Lumiere, which has a satin finish, and the combination left my skin feeling oddly damp throughout the day. I was very conscious of my make-up and kept touching my face.
I’d more or less decided this primer business was waste of time until I started hunting for a new foundation and acquired a couple of testers. One day of wearing the matte finish DiorSkin Sculpt alone left my skin feeling a little tight; I tried it out with the primer and it applied and wore like a dream. I wasn’t aware of wearing make-up at all and am now seriously considering purchasing both of these products.

But I want to try out a couple of other combos before I make up my mind. Just to be sure, like. In particular I’d love to give Chanel’s Base Lumiere and the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer a bit of a whirl. Have you tried any of these products, and what did you make of them?
Next up it’s yet another thrilling instalment as I take a look at a couple of glow creams and illuminating finishing powders. I have less of these to play with so will whack ‘em into the same post. Try and contain yourselves, now…

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*Post title: Simon and Garfunkel, ‘Bright Eyes’
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