08 December 2010

If I was the dance floor would you shake your thang?

Even though his last gig here was hardly a triumph, I remain a massive fan of Evan Dando and The Lemonheads, in all their incarnations, from pop punk to power pop to alt-country. And this song, which has possibly the silliest lyrics in the world, never fails to make me smile. 

Being Around: 

If I was the fridge would you open the door?

If I was the grass would you mow your lawn?

If I was your body would you still wear clothes?

If I was a booger would you blow your nose?

Where would you keep it?

Would you eat it?

I'm just trying to give myself a reason

For being around

If I was a front porch swing would you let me hang?

If I was the dance floor would you shake your thang?

If I was a rubber check would you let me bounce

Up and down inside your bank account?

Would you trust me not to break you?

I'm just trying really hard to make you

Notice me being around

If I was a haircut would you wear a hat?

If I was a maid could I clean your flat?

If I was the carpet would you wipe your feet?

In time to save me from mud off the street?

If you like me, if you love me

Would you get down on your knees and scrub me?

I'm a little grubby

From just being around


Girl About Town said...

Never heard of him before but believe me that is one fella I'd notice bein around!!!

Roxy said...

Mmm, cute song, cute singer!

shelleyti said...

Love love love The Lemonheads and Evan Dando! This song makes me smile too!
Found your blog tonight - really enjoying it :)