19 November 2010

WAH nails Sharmadean Reid interview: "Take hold of that golden moment"*

Apologies for temporary lapse in service -- hope you’re missing me while I’m languishing on my sick bed. But just because I really, really love you all (look up and hit my like button, bitches. Did I say that out loud?) I interrupt today’s schedule of hacking coughs and whimpers to bring you this, a lovely little snippet from the Barry’s Tea event a few weeks back with Sharmadean Reid, founder of WAH Nails. Told you she was inspiring…

Oh and for those who aren’t already, do make sure you follow Barry’s Tea on facebook (sure why not follow fluff and fripperies while you're there?) as they run all sorts of interesting and relevant chatty events -- all happening, naturally, over a lovely hot cup of Barry’s tea. The next one up is on the future of publishing as part of the ‘Banter + Barry’s Tea’ series at 8pm on November 24th in Dublin's Twisted Pepper. See you there?

* Post title: Lyric from Frank Sinatra, 'Golden Moment'
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