04 November 2010

The Body Shop Winter Trends Collection: "Sugar-plum fairies dancing in their heads"*

Look, like it or not, this is the case: Christmas, my friends, is next month. No, I don’t know how it happened and I’m not even remotely prepared for it either, physically, mentally or, er, fiscally.

But there are a couple of things that are making me feel a little bit better about the onset of the festive season. And those things are: mulled wine, obviously, and sparkly bits.

Now, while in Scotland last month I popped into The Body Shop in Glasgow’s Central Station to pick up a couple of ‘wee mindings’ for the mother and mother-in-law. The lovely, enthusiastic shop assistants glamoured up my scented candles with tissue, cellophane and ribbons and then, then! The real magic happened. They reached for a pretty, pink, vintage-inspired atomiser bottle and with a couple of gentle puffs, added a fine layer of gorgeous pearlescent pink shimmer to the tissue-wrapped gifts. Oh my.

I realised that I was in the presence of The Sparkler, about which there has been much buzz on the beauty blogs of late.  The uses for this special-edition, ‘boudoir-chic’ atomiser, part of The Body Shop’s Winter Trend Make-Up collection, seemingly know no bounds -- not only twinkling up your gifts, but highlighting the face, body and hair with a veil of iridescent sparkle-dust. Oh, and it smells gorgeous, too.

Had I known it wouldn’t be available here till 11th November -- when it’ll be priced at €19.95 -- I’d have snapped it up and done a little bit of pearly, sparkled gloating round the office. (Not that they'd have noticed -- I wandered around for half the day yesterday uninformed about the red lipstick on my teeth. The shame.)

The Winter Trend Collection also includes all sorts of other sparkly goodness, including pink and gold glitter pots, silver glitter liquid liner, two shades of Love lip gloss (natural and pink sparkle), and glittery nail polish in Starry Night -- black flecked with silver -- or the pearlised Twinkling Pink.  

The Body Shop very kindly sent me a press pack for the collection, which alas, didn't contain The Sparkler,  but did  inform me that all the products are very reasonably priced -- ranging from €8.50 for the nail colour, to €14.55 for the liquid eyeliner.

There are also two sleek looking limited edition eye palettes, €22.50 each, inTwilight and Midnight. Each contains four eye shadows plus a highlighter -- Twilight includes Violet Sky, Lilac Mist, Pink Champagne and Damson Velvet with Pearl highlighter, and Midnight features Silver Moon, Bronze Blaze, Pink Light, Starry Night and highlighter in Lunar.

This is feel-good beauty too, as the Winter Trend Collection features natural ingredients – like marula oil from Namibia, cocoa butter from Ghana and organic virgin coconut oil from Samoa – that are sourced through The Body Shop Community Fair Trade programme. 

*Lyric from The Ramones, ‘Merry Christmas’, also known as The Best Christmas Song In The World, Ever.  In fact, here (you can thank me later):

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