10 November 2010

Dove Damage Therapy Review: "Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen"*

Sarah enjoying her free Dove wash and blow-dry
I recently wrote about Dove’s new Hair Damage Therapy range, and the pop-up salon that appeared outside National College of Ireland back on October 28th.
My (gorgeous) colleague Sarah, a qualified beauty therapist and self-confessed beauty and make -up addict, took advantage of the opportunity and has been trialling the products ever since. So who better to ask about Dove's new hair care range?

Here’s what she had to say about the Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner:
“If you are anything like me and resemble Worzel Gummidge after you wash your hair then you should get your paws on the new Dove hair care range.
I was given some freebies at the Action Breast Cancer event in the IFSC after getting a free wash and blow-dry. I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner ever since and I’ve definitely noticed a difference to the chore of de-tangling my hair.
The new range caters for seven different problems, with two varieties, Colour Radiance and Intensive Repair,  having a top up Express treatment which you whack on for just a minute and rinse off.
The intensive care range for dry damaged hair is particularly good if you have fine hair as the product doesn’t weigh down the hair and make it feel limp and dull. One of the problems from over-processed hair like mine is that the conditioner tends to stick the hair, weigh it down and make it look frizzy -- not only did I find the opposite to be true but a few people have noticed how shiny my hair is.
Happy days!”
As for me, I’ve been using the Colour Radiance shampoo and conditioner for almost two weeks now and have been equally impressed. My hair is quite thick and wavy and while it has a tendency to be dry, I’m normally pretty kind to it -- I let it air-dry naturally and I don’t use straighteners or other heated styling tools (which I confess is more out of laziness than anything else!). However, just a few days before I started using these products I went slightly lighter than my natural colour and added some highlights, so I was freaking out a little about the damage this might cause to the old barnet.
First things first: the shampoo is a pearly white in colour while the conditioner is a thicker white cream without the pearlised shimmer. The shampoo lathers a lot but also rinses well and the conditioner combs through my wet hair easily, feels nourishing and washes out in full, with no residue. Both products are fresh but subtly scented, have tamed my frizz and left my hair feeling healthy, with a bit of shine. I’ve also noticed that my highlights look nice and bright, and my base colour has held for longer than usual - - by this stage, I’d normally have noticed a little fading by now.  
These are good quality products, especially given the low price points -- €3.59 for 250ml of shampoo or 200ml of conditioner --  so they’ll definitely be added to my shopping list. I haven’t tried the Express Treatment yet but I’d like to add that into the mix for optimum glossy results. And at €3.99 for 180ml, sure why the hell not?
*Post title: lyric from Hair the musical, ‘Hair’


Roxy said...

Oh class, great to hear the products are doing the business, normally when I buy Dove stuff its cos there's a deal on the shower stuff in Tescos haha! But will deffo search some of this stuff out. Have short coloured hair tho which is also quite damages so hmmm, which one to try?!?

Liking the double review thang you've got going on too!!!

Laura said...

Loving your glamorous assitant in the last post! You've both inspired me to give this new range a chance as my hair is in desperate need of some love! Unforuntately I am not as kind to my hair as you and subject it to the GHD almost daily so it is screaming out for some tender loving care!

keep up the good work!
Laura x

Stacy said...

Haven't seen these products. I wonder if we get them in the US or if they are packaged/named differently? Also those prices don't really scream budget beauty to me. Like, they're not high end salon prices, but for me, they wouldn't be bargain rates.

fluff and fripperies said...

@Laura, yep, she certainly adds a touch of glamour to the blog alright!

@Stacy, Sadly, because the cost of living is quite high in Ireland, you probably do get much better bargains in the States than we do here!