15 November 2010

New! theBalm comes to A|wear : “I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky”*

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Now as you probably all know, Irish highstreet store A|wear turned 25 last Wednesday  and celebrated with a massive birthday party, complete with discounts, makeovers and drinks from Bulmers Light.  MTV presenter Laura Whitmore flew in to play her very first Irish DJ gig at the event and looked stunning as ever in the window of the Grafton Street store.  
Overshadows from theBalm
(Photos from the party are up on the brand spanking new fluff and fripperies facebook page.  Are you in them?!)

So, we were having a lovely time and I picked up the first few little bits for Christmas, along with that maxi I was raving about in a previous post. So far, so good.
And then: bam! Lightning struck. It was just like in the movies. I spotted you from across a crowded room and I knew it was love.

Yes, theBalm cosmetics, I am looking at you.
I first read about this San Fran, Benefit-alike brand over on the fabulous beaut.ie and it sounded fun.  But nothing prepared me for the impact of its adorably kitsch and cute cardboard packaging, paraben-free  formulas and tempting colour range, coyly playing hard to get in the corner.  
Well not anymore it won’t.

Previously only to be found in selected pharmacies in Ireland, theBalm is launching in A|wear at the end of next month in the following stores:  Dublin's Grafton and Henry Street stores, Patrick Street in Cork, Waterford, and one more -- as yet to be specified.
I’ll be queuing to get my hands on some of these gorgeous goodies like the sparkly mineral overshadows (above), these mini, coloured eyeliner sets (adorably named Pick Up Liners) and the fabulous Mary-Lou Manizer, a highly pigmented shimmer-powder that can be used as a shadow, a highlighter and even a concealer -- as demo-ed to great effect on my under-eye circles!
Price points are apparently between €8 and €20 which strike me as extremely reasonable, too.
What do you think guys (and gals)? Are you familiar with the brand? Are you as excited as I am?
*Post title: Lyric from Kylie, “I Should Be So Lucky” – like, obvs!
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