06 October 2010

Dior Serum de Rouge Review: "Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?"*

There was a fair bit of buzz about Dior’s Serum de Rouge when it first came out at the end of August last year. After reading a glowing review by the fabulous beaut.ie ladies I headed into Clerys to make it my own. At €32 it was fairly spendy - although a veritable bargain when you compare it to the cost of a Tom Ford lipstick at almost 50. I haven’t been able to justify one of those little lovelies – yet.

So back to last August, and I remember being a little disappointed in the shade offering – there are 8 in total – and deliberately steering away from my usual nude-y tones towards the deeper end of the spectrum. I went for the raspberry serum in the end, number 760. And that’s probably why I didn’t end up wearing the thing, being more in a ‘smoky eyes and understated lips’ sort of mood at the time.

Now, though, now, things are different.

I discovered the slim, navy and silver tube during a routine clear-out of my make-up collection the other week. It pains me now that I actually held it in my hands for a few seconds while I vacillated between chucking it and giving it another go. And then I tried it on, and such was my delight that I actually called for himself to tell him just how much I liked this lippy. (Himself was oddly underwhelmed).

The main delight was the texture. The changing seasons have left my lips a little dry. Not quite cracked – yet – but definitely requiring a good old slathering in Vaseline every night before bed. And this stuff glides on like a…well, like a serum I guess: how clever, the clue’s in the name! It feels lusciously silky and moisturising and it should, because it’s packed full of all sorts of goodies. It’s billed as a lip treatment rather than a lipstick or gloss and it’s lightweight and glossy without that annoying stickiness.

The colour intensity surprised me. The raspberry shade is only gorgeous. A rich pinkish-red berry colour, just perfect for autumn! And it builds; you can glide on a smidgeon for that just-bitten look or you can lash it on for full-on colour.

It lasts, too. I applied mine on the commute to work and by lunchtime, despite my morning coffees, it’s still there. A little lighter, but still looking good. Definitely my new favourite lippy. Hurrah!

Photo credit: My work-friend, Bonnie!
*Post title: From Rabbie Burns, 'Auld Lang Syne'


Laina said...

Oh no, Em! Sweetmeat is the culinary name for testicles and what we had were lovely little bits of chewy, pistachio-ey, peanut and rose-petal-y goodness! Lovely, though; much lovelier than sweetmeats.

fluff and fripperies said...

Ah, phew - some frenzied googling has confirmed that freedictionary.com, at least, agrees with me: sweetmeat [ˈswiːtˌmiːt] n (Cookery) a sweetened delicacy, such as a preserve, sweet, or, formerly, a cake or pastry

And if anyone's confused, these comments relate to the last post, not this one!

Kirsteen Bell said...

Sigh. That'll be another make-up receipt I'll have to hide from the mussel farmer then. "This? It was only a few quid." Luckily I don't think he knows Dior. Loving the blog lady!