10 October 2010

Chanel Mica Pink Polish Review: "Pink like a deco umbrella"*

Today I find myself indisposed to leaving the house,  so a little ‘home pampering’ seems in order. Despite my belief that it’s only pampering when someone else is doing all the work, the realities of living within a budget mean that most of the time, my attempts at grooming are a DIY effort.  So facepacked up to look like something from the black lagoon (himself is a lucky, lucky man!),  I’ve also had a bash at giving my nails  a nice, office appropriate look.   And although I’m neither a good photographer –- not helped by the fact that these are taken on his iPhone -- nor a good nail polish applier, surely that means the only way is up?

So! In order of usage, here are the products I applied (all purchased in Brown Thomas, Dublin):
    Nails Inc A & E base coat Chanel Le Vernis nail colour in 495, Mica Pink Chanel Laque Reflet Immediat Quick Shine for nails in 50, Naturel

I like the base coat; it was sold to me at the BT Nails Inc bar as a strengthening, moisturising product and my nails are definitely splitting less since I started to use it. The top coat is quick drying and gives a nice gloss, although it’s quite old and getting a little gloopy. Neither are very exciting though, so on to the good stuff.

First, a confession. For years I only bought expensive high-end nail polishes because I was convinced they applied better and were longer lasting, and that any difficulties I encountered were solely a matter of my own shoddy application techniques. A recent Rimmel purchase (Grey Matter, lovely) has put me right on that one. The Rimmel brush makes the colour go on smoother and more evenly and gives me a better finish. Who’da thunk it?

So while this Chanel colour is lovely, and it is, I don’t find it particularly easy to apply. Some of the fault may be with the polish or the brush, some of it is certainly with me. Mica Rose is very sheer and you need a couple of coats; I used two on each hand and one (pictured) has a decent enough finish, the other (unpictured, natch) looks a bit heavy handed with a lot of air bubbles on most of the nails. (Possibly a result of applying the topcoat too quickly?)

The colour is a pretty, shimmery, pale peachy-pink** with a very subtle sparkle/glitter that is more evident in the bottle than on your nails -- this seems to be characteristic of any sparkly or shimmery Chanel nail colour. It’s a bit pearlised, which I'm not a massive fan of, so with 3 coats that effect would be too much for me. Hmm…wonder what it would be like with one of those mattifying top coats? What do you think? And while you're at it, do you have any application tips you'd like to share with me?

*Post title: Lyric from Aerosmith, ‘Pink’

** Next day edit: Hmm, under my flourescent office lighting this isn't showing up as peachy at all, more like a cool toned bubblegum pink. Maybe one coat would have been enough after all.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous colour! welcome to the blogosphere :)

if the colour contains shimmer or is pearlised, a matte topcoat can look a bit weird with it, it tends to dull it out. i'd say stick with the glossy topcoat... at the same time, i'd give anything a lash to see how it turns out.

fluff and fripperies said...

Thanks for the comment, I am just finding my feet and all feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks for the tip about the matte topcoat, must invest in one and have a wee play about with it.

Claudia. said...

Hiya!! :)
that is really a gorgeous color! i've never used a chanel polish before, but i've heard that it chips right away. and i agree with you about the low-end brands!
a top coat i always recommend is regular old revlon clear. and actually, i'm beginning to become a fan of the Seche Vite top coat, which i previously did not like, but now i'm changing my mind ;) can you get that in ireland? i can't get it when i'm in italy, only when i'm in NYC... another tip i have is to lightly buff the tip of your nails before applying the nail polish, so that the tips are smoothe and it helps avoid chipping. after you do that, just clean the nails with some nail polish remover to clean off any oils. this helps too.

thank you so much for following molto fashion! :D i think i followed yours- was that the little bambie icon on the upper right hand corner?

:) :) :)

Nailish Ramblings said...

This is lovely! (as is the rest of your blog!)
You can use thinner to stop your base coat going gloopy.

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