17 October 2010

Irish Web Awards 2010: "Oh What A Night"*

Damien Mulley certainly knows how to throw a good party.

I’d say there are a fair few sore heads around the country after the cupcakes-and-cones extravaganza at the Mansion House that was the 2010 Irish Web Awards last night.

The event is a more irreverent take on your typical awards ceremony and was a fun and entertaining celebration of the best of Ireland’s online offerings.

More than 500 web-heads attended the ceremony, which was complete with a retro living room stage-set, an orchestra, an ice cream van, foam cutouts from Made in Hollywood, and –- what no self-respecting awards ceremony would be seen without -- a man in a tight, shiny orange jumpsuit.

And when the queue for the bar looked a little too daunting, the free Heineken from the goodie bags proved a very welcome treat.

Host Rick O’Shea rocked the mic like a vandal and, for those who couldn’t be there in person, the ever-lovely Darragh Doyle captured the whole event on twitter, under the hashtag #iwa10.

Shout out to Rosemary MacCabe for being such engaging company too -- as ever -- and of course, my fabulous work peeps.

For me, the highlight of the night was the very touching and emotional speech by Lisa Domican, as she accepted her award for Best Mobile App. Named after her daughter, Grace App seeks to help children with autism to develop their communication skills. Lisa’s blog is well worth a read and you can find her on twitter too, as lisamareedom.

The Irish Times scooped the grand prix, and their article today lists the rest of the category winners.

All in all a great night and thanks to Damien, his team and his sponsors –- including headline sponsor Realex Payments -- for making it happen.

(My only gripe is that my lovely glossy black nails -- which had two coats of Chanel's Black Satin and a top coat applied by my own fair hand only yesterday -- is showing such godawful wear and tear today. You win some, you lose some...)

* Post title: Frankie Valli, 'Oh What A Night'


Nailish Ramblings said...

I love that ring it's fab!

Fran said...

Great post and review of another memorable night organised by Mr Mulley & gang.
Thanks for the mention too :-)

Eadaoin said...

Ohh sounds like a good night out! Hope you enjoyed the evening :)

Anonymous said...

Great night, well captured here. Bravo!

Bonnie said...

Fab night and very sore head next day thanks to free beer but soooo not complaining. You're ring looks fab and loving the blog!! Keep it up lady.

Hammie aka lisadom said...

Why thankyou ma'am. Quite an overwhelming night and again I am so proud to have been a part of such a great community. xx