27 October 2010

Boots No 7 Mascara Review: "I Need A Hero"*

For those of you less cosmetically inclined, there is a restaurant review here. Go read it.
For everyone else, well now, I know you’ll have been as traumatised as I was by my tales of Chanel-inspired woe. (Chanel? Woe? In the same sentence? I know, I know. My world is shaken, too.)
But! Wait! All is not lost, because this story has a happy ending. And in these days of grim realism, we all want one of those. And we all, in the immortal words of the great Bonnie Tyler, Need A Hero. So here it is: I present to you my new favourite mascara, ever.
Admittedly, it is in a not-very-stylish shiny green tube, it has a brush I perceived to be gimmicky and it is purchased from a chemist's shop and not a high-end department store. But leave your preconceived notions to one side, my fellow make-up snobs, and run, run! to your nearest chemist to get your hands on the wonder that is:
Boots No 7 Exceptional Definition Nutrient Enriched Mascara
This little beauty cost me £12 in Glasgow airport -- I think it’s about €17 here – and I’ll admit, I was initially only after the free autumnal shimmer eye palette that came with it.
But with a couple of strokes, this has actually given me the defined, fluttery lash look I was hoping for from my ill-fated Chanel Inimitable Intense. My lashes look longer, curlier and separated, thanks to the ‘unique triple effect brush’, which had sounded so gimmicky to my cynical ears.
Basically, one half is a standard mascara wand, the other half has shorter, comb-like bristles, and the top has that roundy applicator shape that’s become quite fashionable (à la Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes and L'Oréal’s Telescopic Explosion).
The comby side was very appealing because the Chanel mascara is really crying out for something like that. The Boots one doesn’t seem to need it though, because the mascara hasn’t clumped once yet. And the rounded tip is perfect for the teeny wee lashes on the inner and outer corners of my eyes.

It doesn’t give me ‘fat lashes’, which I quite like, but as it’s easy to apply, doesn’t smudge and gives me great coverage, definition, separation and length, I think I can let that go.
Boots even have a handly little video showing you how to apply it, along with the free eyeshadow quartet it comes with:

And what about you? Any budget beauty booty you care to share?
*Post title: Bonnie Tyler, 'I Need A Hero'


Rosemary said...

I got this for the palette an' all and I really, really like it! The end.

Roxy said...

Is the eye palette any good? It looks as if it lacks pigment, like the Bourjois shadows which I find really annoying. Mad that the Boots mascara is better than the Chanel one!

Nailish Ramblings said...

I'm looking for a new mascara will have to pop into boots!

Laina said...

I got it too! Totally in it for the palette. Gonna watch the video now; we'll knock em dead next time we're all dolled up! x

fluff and fripperies said...

@Rosemary, @Laina, good, innit?

@Roxy - pigment is grand, except for the goldy one, which is a bit wishy washy alright. And here, now, I'm not saying the Boots mascara is definitively better than Chanel, just, y'know, in my own recent experience.

FOXPAWS said...

Boots No 7 Exceptional Definition Mascara- 12 pounds.
Flight to the UK to get my fiesty little paws on it- AU$ 1632
Fluttering my lashes like a fox haired Halle Berry- Priceless

fluff and fripperies said...

@FOXPAWS, the hell with the UK, get yourself over to Dublin!

Sara K said...

having experimented wildy with mascara since you moved out the family home and I couldn't nick yours, I'd pretty much settled on YSL's false lash effect, the only mascara that ever did owt to my short stubby lashes. but for everyday wear it's a little pricey and I've never much been impressed with how quickly it clumps. so armed with paydays funds and this review I got Boots own exceptional definition badboy and yup, chuffed to bits with it. cheers lass! it gives me length (much needed) and awesome definition and I love the gimmicky 'get the tiny little lashes in the corner' brush.

that all said, I traded it in two days ago for permanent lash extensions negating the need for mascara of any kind. and finally I have the lashes I've been envious of since I was 12!