05 October 2010

Here we go (some things are inevitable)*

It might seem counterintuitive to start a blog on the lighter things in life in October – a month that typically signifies the end of the lighter half of the year, and the beginning of the darker. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

But I’ve always loved this time of year: there is something about the shortening of the days, the crisp, colder weather and the changes in the light that makes me feel a little nostalgic. And when that happens, I dig out my old diaries and notebooks and bury myself in them for a couple of hours, thinking of people and things from my past.

I’ve just come up for air after a similar nostalgiafest, during which I noticed a recurring pattern. List after list after list, in notebook after notebook after notebook, year after year after year (ok, you get the point). Lists about Happiness (yep, with a capital!), and the things that make me feel it and how to increase it and improve it and feel generally more content in my everyday life.

So I’m moving online with them and creating a little corner of cyberspace in which I can write about some of my favourite frivolous things, the little things that make me happy, and ramble about the heartfelt but fleeting obsessions I have a habit of developing – like hiking or hieroglyphics or the Hellfire Club or evidently, just 'words beginning with h'...!

*Post title: Lyric from Belinda Carlisle, 'Big Scary Animal'

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