14 October 2010

Could've been so beautiful, could've been so right*

Elle Magazine is 25 years old and to celebrate, this evening they held a special shopping event at Harvey Nichols, Dundrum. Promising ‘mini-makeovers, massages, make-up and skincare tutorials from the experts’, not to mention delicious Skyy vodka cocktails, and you can see why I was only too delighted to win tickets from Anne Marie over at the fabulous whatshewears.ie.

But did the event live up to its promise?

Well, it did and it didn’t.

Let’s start with the positives. The good parts were the goodie bag, which had a couple of decent sample size products I’m looking forward to trying, the Eve Lom demonstration by a friendly, engaging woman and the Elemis massage chair, trial of which came with a complimentary hand massage. Oh, and the company, but I brought that along myself.

The bad parts were, to be honest, the rather stuffy atmosphere, the fact that there were more staff members than attendees, the lack of any food whatsoever – who starts an event at 6pm without any form of nibbles? – and the fact that the promised Skyy cocktails were apparently rationed to one per person.

There wasn't much else happening and the demonstrations were fairly spaced out which meant, after we’d done a couple of laps of the store sans food or drinks, we were pretty much done.

Also, and I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but because we’d won tickets we apparently weren’t entitled to actually get a ticket, which would have allowed us €20 off a purchase. This meant that if I, as a competition winner, purchased a €30 product I would have paid full price. Whereas a person who had not won a competition to be there would have paid €20 for a ticket and €10 towards the same product. Therefore, surely, rendering the prize element null and void? By this logic I decided to buy the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer I’d been hankering after in Brown Thomas, instead.

So, to sum up, I have been to similar in-store shopping events, some run in conjunction with other magazines, in Clerys, Brown Thomas and Arnotts and they have all been a lot more fun. But hey ho. I'm off to dig through the goodie bag again.

*Lyric from Tiffany, 'Could've been'


├Źna said...

Well described. You forgot to post the photo of our giant cocktails in TGIs. Also,a further downside, I spent most of last night stressing over the state of my skin. What have I been thinking these past 26 years by not layering on several tons of moisturiser?? Oh I will pay for my folly now. Onward ho to Eve Lom kind of dermal perfection!

Gemma said...

I almost went to this and was gonna pay the 20 euros but went to a free event in Clery's last nite instead and am happy I made the right choice after reading this!!!

fluff and fripperies said...

@Ina - at least you weren't told you had dehydrated eyebags!

@Gemma - I was actually planning to go to the Clerys event till I won those tickets, which reminds me I meant to put up a post about the Rockford launch...

Claudia. said...

No food??!?!?!?! Say WHAT!?!?!? I'm with you on that one. That would be a major disappointment. And seriously, the thing about the ticket makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever. I'm with you on that one. pfft!