19 October 2016

An Obvious Copy – But Is It A Dupe?

On first appearance these two palettes look pretty much the same...Emily's digging a little bit deeper to see if we have a dupe. 

Recently I did a soft summery make-up look using the Naked 3 palette and when Emma handed me a potential dupe (W7 In the Nude) to try out, I figured the best way to compare would be to recreate the look. Just lookit here at the similarities in the palettes: at first glance it’s pretty spot on…

17 October 2016

NIOD Flavanone Mud from Deciem, the Abnormal Beauty Company

Selection of products from Deciem the Abnormal Beauty Company

I was recently introduced to Deciem, who make a range of beauty products that strike me as really interesting and unique. The brand, launched in 2013, is not the most accessible here in Ireland but you can buy online, and if that contributes to keeping costs where they are (basically, way lower than I was expecting for such high-tech skincare), then I’m not complaining.

14 October 2016

Super Miss Sue - Dublin's slick, stylish seafood bar - is sporting a new look

Super Miss Sue Dublin Seafood Restaurant and Bar

Super Miss Sue has serious style. Think brass and leather fixtures and fittings, prosecco on tap, a fabulously kitsch (and unisex) bathroom, and giant porthole windows from which you can watch the world meander by as you sip on an Aperol Spritz.

The emphasis at this Drury Street seafood bar is on casual, but quality, dining; to reinforce that, the restaurant has just been revamped, with a new look dining counter replacing the previous seating area.

12 October 2016

Autumn Beauty Trends: A Brown Lip for All Budgets!

Hmm. Brown lipstick. The words don’t even sound remotely glamorous, and yet, as anyone who’s been on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram will know, it can look gorgeous. But put down the Coffee Shimmer…in fact, put down the shimmer, full stop. Keep it feeling modern, not 90s, by sticking to a matte or satin finish – if you’re looking to try the trend, here are seven I’ve really been enjoying.

10 October 2016

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush: Seven Reasons To Give It A Go

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush
On my nails: Bronze Aztec by YSL, shown here. 
Clinique launched its first cleansing brush a couple of years back and I have been using it off and on ever since. Quietly and with no fanfare it has crept its way into my favour and my daily routine and now, I wouldn’t be without it. Here are seven reasons I really, really like it - and think you might like it too:
  1. It’s gentle while still being very effective, and the brush heads I’ve tried have all been super soft. (I'm using the City Block purifying brush head right now). 
  2. The brush head is split into two sections: one to declog pores around the t-zone (the darker section in the photo above), and the other to use everywhere else.  
  3. It’s waterproof, so you can use it in the shower, which is nice and convenient. 
  4. It’s so simple to use: there’s just one setting and it shuts off after 30 seconds.
  5. The design is clean and simple, and it looks good perched on the edge of my sink; it’s easy to transport, too.  It fits nicely in the hand but also lies flat to dry. 
  6. My skin feels great after using it and I've had no issues with breakouts or sensitivity.
  7. It’s well priced compared to other sonic cleansing brushes like the Clarisonic (although the technology won’t be the same; Clarisonic’s is patented, as I found out in conversation with its co-founder, Dr Robb). 
If you've tried this I'd love to know your thoughts!

06 October 2016

Rimmel Magnif'eyes Eye Contouring Eyeshadow Palette in Keep Calm & Wear Gold

Rimmel Magnif'eyes Eyeshadow Palette in Keep Calm & Wear Gold

The latest eyeshadow palettes from Rimmel are just what we neutral-lovers-on-a-budget have been praying for. They’re so much better than we have any right to expect from their price-tag – just €9.95 will score you a compact, durable palette with a good sized mirror and eight eyeshadows in a variety of finishes. You also get a double-ended sponge applicator, which they could just have done away with, but hey-ho. Back to the shadows!

04 October 2016

Three Fancy Favourite Nail Lacquers for Fall

Favourite nail polish colours for autumn / fall from Irish beauty blog Fluff and Fripperies

In autumn, my nail colours tend to get a little richer, deeper and more opulent than spring or summer: I’m not quite ready for glitter, but I’m edging my way there with the odd metallic or shimmer. While new and fabulous colours land each season, some of my favourites have been in my collection for years – as is the case with these three I’m showing you today, which I’ve been wearing in rotation.