01 December 2016

What Men Really Want For Christmas (Or: What One Man is Heavily Hinting At!)

Mrs Fluff is always telling me how important it is that we make our own traditions over time.  So, ever willing to please her, I thought I’d get cracking on the traditional Mr Fluff’s Christmas Gift Guide where I tell her what I’d like given to me at this very special time of year.  With any luck this might also provide others, less fortunate than Mrs Fluff, with some inspiration for their own man present shopping.  See, Christmas is all about giving not receiving!  

30 November 2016

The Best Affordable Liquid Illuminators, for Day and Night: Allsun's recommending!

My name is Allsun and I am a highlighter addict. I love to layer on the products that promise that glamorous, glowy look; some might think I go a bit OTT sometimes, but my philosophy is: if it can’t be seen from space, then it didn’t happen!

After trying too many liquid highlighters to count, I have settled on two definite favourites, and they’re both under a tenner! My hero highlighters are NYX “Born to Glow” Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam, and Botanics “Radiance Balm All Bright”. If you’re a fellow glow-getter, you’re going to want to add them to your kit.

Both can be used in several ways. For a more subtle look, I like to apply them after I moisturise and before I put on my foundation, or else I mix a little drop in with my base and blend it into the skin, with my Blank Canvas F20 Flat Buffer Brush.

29 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Slightly Random, Mostly Affordable, Hopefully Something For All!

Christmas Gift Guide 2016 for all ages and budgets

With less than a month to Christmas now’s the time to get into serious gift buying mode. If you’re still struggling with some of the people on your nice list, then we’ve got your back with an admittedly random selection that should hopefully have wide appeal.  Keep your eye on the site later this week too, for Mr Fluff's pick of the best bits and bobs for the menfolk.

23 November 2016

Discovering Dog Friendly Ireland: Castlemartyr Hotel, Cork

Dog Friendly Hotels in Ireland review Castlemartyr

The one thing I hate about travelling? Leaving my four legged companions behind. 

While The Cat, Fitzroy, literally throws a hissy-fit when we try to coax her from the house, it’s a different story with Missy the Chihuahua: her look of pained betrayal makes me never want to leave the house without her.  

17 November 2016

Top Five Scents of the Season (Great to Gift or Self-Gift!)

Best Autumn Winter Scents

Looking for a fragrance to make you feel all warm and cosy, despite the weather? Read on for our favourite autumn/winter scents...

14 November 2016

Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Colour: review, pics, swatches

Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Colour: review, pics, swatches

Lucia Pica has certainly been busy at Chanel.  Hot on the heels of one of the most exciting autumn beauty launches comes a new lipstick formula for the brand, which has got me all hot under the collar. Rouge Allure Ink is a range of eight matte liquid lip colours which are €34 a pop, and on counter now.

11 November 2016

Autumn Beauty Edit or: Makeup I'm Loving Right Now

Autumn Beauty Favourites from Irish beauty blog Fluff and Fripperies

Any day now, it’s gonna get all festive and glittery up in our grill but, for now, it’s still all about autumn beauty round these parts: earthy, warm-toned shades and products that are flattering and wearable whatever your age or skintone.

We get a bit obsessed with adding a bit of life and lustre back into dull-looking skin at this time of year and I’ve been loving the bones of my Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow foundation. Not only is it creamy and easy to blend with good coverage, but it both mattifies and adds luminosity to the skin, which is a bit of a modern day makeup miracle. It’s got a bit of colour correction wizardry going on too so it perks up my skintone and makes me look fresher and healthier than I’m actually feeling these days.