17 January 2017

January Skin Savers: Three Products I’m Currently Loving

Winter skin favourites including Clarins Extra Firming Face Mask, Labello Original Lip Balm and Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex hand cream

January: what a complete and utter fecker of a month. Not content with wreaking havoc on my bank balance (and my newly adopted habits of sleeping till noon and subsisting largely on Baileys and cheese), the longest and most rubbish month of all has also done a number on my person.

The skin on my hands and face feels tighter than my post-Christmas spanx, and I’m lucky enough to be sporting a lovely crop of pimples and dry patches. Cue frantic stash rummaging, and the emergence of three new favourite skin savers...

19 December 2016

This Beauty Look Suits Everyone, Says Charlotte Tilbury, And I Totally Agree

Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look In A Clutch

There’s lots of festive fun to be had at this time of year, and if you’re looking for a beauty look that will see you through it all with ease, read on!

According to Charlotte Tilbury, her Dreamy Look In A Clutch is a universally flattering makeup look that will see you through the office Christmas party to get-togethers with friends to Christmas day itself. It’s designed to suit all ages, ethnicities and colourings and, having seen a varied room of bloggers and journalists sporting the look, I’d have to agree.

15 December 2016

Roller Blow Bar: Seriously Addictive, You Have Been Warned

Roller Blow Dry Bar Dublin Review

It’s silly season, I’m frazzled, somebody* has spent all of my gift money on doggy clothes, lattes and taxicabs and I’ve had a sinus infection for the best part of a month. And yet, there have been days where I have felt invincible, unstoppable and on top of the world. And those days have one thing in common: a visit to Roller Blow Bar.

14 December 2016

Araya Beauty Salon: Treatment Tales

Araya beauty salon in Leopardstown Dublin

Eyelash extensions are a pricey enough beauty habit, but for holidays, Christmas or other special occasions, I think they’re absolutely worth the spend.

If you live in or near South Dublin, you’re in for a treat: Araya Beauty is a new salon in Leopardstown that offers the full range of beauty treatments at competitive prices.

08 December 2016

Christmas Tree Shopping at Wicklow Way Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree shopping at Wicklow Way Christmas Tree Farm

This year’s Christmas tree is my favourite one yet.

Last year, our tree came from IKEA and the procuring of same was not a jolly, festive experience. This won’t surprise you if you have ever been to IKEA yourself.

This year, we made a day of it with a trip to the Wicklow Way Christmas Tree Farm in the Wicklow mountains, which is about an hour’s drive from Dublin. You'll find directions on their site.

06 December 2016

Dublin Eats: The Best Casual Dining In Dublin Right Now

I don’t like to cook and I’ve given up meat*, but that doesn’t mean I’m not inordinately fond of my food. It does mean, however, that I eat out (or order in) a little more than I should. Casual dining, preferably with prosecco, is my very favourite type and in Dublin these days I’m fairly spoiled for choice. Here are my three favourite meals last month and, just so you know, none were blog freebies - not that it would change my opinion one bit, either way, if they were.

01 December 2016

What Men Really Want For Christmas (Or: What One Man is Heavily Hinting At!)

Mrs Fluff is always telling me how important it is that we make our own traditions over time.  So, ever willing to please her, I thought I’d get cracking on the traditional Mr Fluff’s Christmas Gift Guide where I tell her what I’d like given to me at this very special time of year.  With any luck this might also provide others, less fortunate than Mrs Fluff, with some inspiration for their own man present shopping.  See, Christmas is all about giving not receiving!