14 September 2017

Autumn Beauty Trends: Three We're Excited To Try

Autumn 2016 Beauty Trends

September hits and instantly, the sparkly lip glosses and aqua eyeliners of the summer just feel wrong. Personally, I think autumn is by far the best beauty season; makeup gets a little more serious at this time of year and, while perennial autumn trends like dark lipstick and lived-in liner are doing the rounds again, so too are some less expected looks.

12 September 2017

Autumn Skincare #Shelfie: 7 Super Picks for Dehydrated, Ageing Skin

Autumn Skincare Picks 2015

It’s always a good idea to reassess your skincare needs as the seasons turn – and as we move into autumn I figured it might be a good time for some speedy skincare reviews! From left to right, here’s what I’m using and loving right now:

08 September 2017

Best Autumn Lipsticks For All Budgets!

Hmm. Brown lipstick. The words don’t even sound remotely glamorous, and yet, as anyone who’s been on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram will know, it can look gorgeous. But put down the Coffee Shimmer…in fact, put down the shimmer, full stop. Keep it feeling modern, not 90s, by sticking to a matte or satin finish – if you’re looking to try the trend, here are seven I’ve really been enjoying.

06 September 2017

Three Fancy Favourite Nail Lacquers for Fall

Favourite nail polish colours for autumn / fall from Irish beauty blog Fluff and Fripperies

In autumn, my nail colours tend to get a little richer, deeper and more opulent than spring or summer: I’m not quite ready for glitter, but I’m edging my way there with the odd metallic or shimmer. While new and fabulous colours land each season, some of my favourites have been in my collection for years – as is the case with these three I’m showing you today, which I’ve been wearing in rotation.

11 June 2017

Mixa launches in Irish Pharmacies to sort out thirsty summer skin

Mixa Bodycare Launches in UK and Ireland

Bodycare is usually the beauty bit I find a little snoozey, but at this time of year my interest piques. Impending summer holibops, the odd spot of legs-out weather here at home and regular dips into chlorinated water has necessitated a little extra care.

Fortuitously, Mixa has arrived on Irish shores to smooth my rough and flaky bits. This (mainly) bodycare brand, created by a French pharmacist in 1924 for dry and sensitive skin, has just launched into Irish (and UK) pharmacies.

09 June 2017

Farnham Estate: five reasons to heart this fab four-star Irish hotel

Farnham Estate Radisson Blu Hotel Spa Cavan

Farnham Estate Golf & Spa Resort in County Cavan has been a long time love of mine. I recommend it to everybody and have been there with pals, on press trips and most recently, with Mr Fluff. But what, exactly, makes this place so special? I'm glad you asked...

08 June 2017

New Chanel #LesBeiges trio: The only makeup you’ll want to wear this summer

Chanel Les Beiges Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

There’s been a lot of buzz around this freshly minted summer beauty collection, and most of it’s focused on the foundation. I totally get that: not only is it beautiful, but it’s Chanel’s first cushion foundation compact, so it’s kind of a big deal. But it also means that the eyeshadow palette is flying under the radar and that, my makeup loving pals, is a crying shame because it’s every bit as special.