30 July 2015

Easy Entertaining: The Stress Free Summer BBQ with Lidl Ireland

Stress Free Summer BBQ with Lidl Ireland

You might have noticed I’ve been a little distracted lately. It turns out that moving, rewiring, repainting, redecorating and furnishing a house is actually a massive time-suck; who knew?! Add to that a new addition to the family – the cutest kitten on the planet (you may have met her over on my Instagram) - and a busy 9-5 day job and you can probably see why my blogging schedule has been a little erratic. Life is good, though – in fact, life is great – and normal service will resume asap; but in the meantime, we’ve been doing a little celebrating with our nearest and dearest.

22 July 2015

Four Summery Beauty Reasons to Stop By Your Bobbi Brown Counter

Summer Beauty from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

If you’re a makeup lover and you haven’t swung by your local Bobbi Brown counter in a while, may I suggest that you schedule a trip? There’s a whole lot of beauty booty waiting for you to give your summer makeup look – and your general mood – a bit of a lift – starting with that most essential piece of kit: the perfect lipstick.

New shades have been added to Bobbi’s Creamy Lip Colour, Sheer Lip Colour and Creamy Matte Lip Colour lines and the one I’ve fallen for, in a completely-head-over-heels kinda way, is the Creamy Matte in the shade Heart. (As in ‘be still my beating'…)

20 July 2015

Five Fab Things to Try From the Feel Unique Flash Sale (Ends Midnight TONIGHT!)

With great brands, complimentary samples and free delivery on orders over £10, Feel Unique is one of my favourite online beauty haunts – and they’re having a flash sale!  You’ll get 20% off everything with the code TICKTOCK20 – but it ends at midnight tonight. No need to panic: I’ve done a lot of the hard work for you, and put together this wee edit of my top picks from the site - just click through to shop, and thank me later :)

15 July 2015

Veneers from MyDental: The best beauty decision I ever made

Teeth are so often the final beauty frontier. So many of us are unhappy with our gnashers and yet so many of us procrastinate about fixing up our smile – whether it’s fear of the dentist’s chair, fear of the bill, or fear of a long and drawn out process. I hated the idea of those things too – but I hated my front teeth even more, and so I jumped at the chance of a mouth makeover from MyDental.

10 July 2015

Elegance and Grace Experience at The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin

Princess Grace Inspired treats at the Shelbourne Hotel Dublin

Ok, so the word 'icon' is bandied around willy-nilly these days, but Princess Grace - the Hollywood star turned real life princess of Monaco - is the genuine article. More than thirty years’ after her death, the mere mention of her name has instant connotations of style, beauty, luxury and high-class glamour.

So it’s fitting that Dublin’s most (truly) iconic hotel, The Shelbourne, has created a range of experiences inspired by Her Royal Highness, who was a regular guest. So much so, in fact, that one of her dresses – worn during her first visit Ireland - is currently displayed in the hotel lobby, on loan from Newbridge Silverware’s museum of style icons.

09 July 2015

I've had a #TRESformation and LOVE this affordable, brilliant hair product!

I swear I go through gallons of dry shampoo a week and while it ain’t the most glamorous of beauty products, it’s one I’m always interested in trialling. I’ve had a fair few misses, some spectacular (if card-meltingly expensive) hits and now I’ve tried one that hits the sweet spot for me in just about all areas: price, performance, scent, texture, the whole damn kit and caboodle.  And it’s by none other than Tresemm√©, a brand I stopped buying back in my teenage years and never really caught up with again – although believe me, that’s gonna change now I’ve found this little wonder.

Emily and I got to experience it first hand at a recent event and we both loved the texture it gave our hair – perfect for styling into an updo or just for creating a little bit of extra volume. There’s no white residue or grey cast on my dark hair either and at €6.49, the price is the cherry on top.  The Tresemm√© Root Boosting and Sea Salt Sprays are next on my hit list.  Have you tried this? What’s your go-to dry shampoo?

08 July 2015

MAC Summer Beauty Essentials, Tried and Tested

MAC Makeup Summer Beauty Essentials

There are some gorgeous bits and bobs from MAC in the pipeline (and I’ll be looking at some of those soon), but lately it’s the old staples I’ve been turning to in an attempt to beat the heat.  A summer survival pack arrived as part of my work with The Loop and I dutifully brought them away to Marbella (stay tuned for Allsun’s Insider’s Guide – sure she practically lives in Marbs!).

MAC’s Face & Body foundation was a revelation. I normally rely on BB & CC creams in the summer (check out some of my favourites) but in extreme heat, on my oil-prone t-zone, they can look a little too dewy (read: a shiny hot mess).

07 July 2015

Brioche Restaurant, Ranelagh: Review & Giveaway with Zomato.ie

Brioche Restaurant Ranelagh Dublin Review

When it comes to eating out in Dublin, there are so many incredible options opening up all the time that it’s hard not to suffer from FOMO. Which is why I’ve been loving Zomato, an app that lets you search for and discover the best places to eat near you. 

And you’re about to love them too because not only can you browse menus, photos and user reviews with the app, but you could also win a €70 voucher to eat at Brioche Dublin - a charming and atmospheric restaurant in Dublin’s foodie-heaven, Ranelagh.