15 November 2017

5 Favourite (Affordable) Nude Lipsticks: Rimmel, L'Oreal Paris, Maybelline...

With its associations with Pamela Anderson and old, old episodes of Friends, a nude lip used to feel a little bit dated - at least to me. But in beauty, as with fashion, what goes around comes around and the fungus effect has been inevitable: basically, it's grown on me again.

No, you wouldn't call it fun and it doesn't exactly make a statement - though neither does a trench coat or a flattering pair of jeans. And, just like those staples, I've gradually discovered how versatile and classic a good nude lip can be.

13 November 2017

Seasonal Scents: Perfumes We're Loving This Weather

Want a new perfume for the autumn/winter months? We’re sharing our current favourites to let you spray and slay, all day.

08 November 2017

Purple Lips for Autumn/Winter: Trend on Trial

It won’t surprise you to hear that, round here, we’re big lovers of lipstick. Nudes, reds, pinks, autumnal browns…oh yes, we love ‘em all. But turns out there’s one major beauty autumn trend, that rolls around each year, that the three of us tend to avoid. Deep purple vampy lips, it transpires, are outside each of our comfort zones. But for the sake of the blog and our readers we’ve womaned up and tried out the trend. Here’s how we got on…and completely coincidentally (as in, this post is not sponsored!), all three lippies are under €3 from Essence. Bonus!

06 November 2017

Eight Makeup Bag Essentials: Allsún Recommends

Autumn makeup bag essentials Fluff and Fripperies Irish beauty blog

We’ve opened up the contents of mine and Emily’s makeup bags for your viewing pleasure – now Allsún’s getting in on the action, and sharing her very favourite beauty bits this season!

02 November 2017

Chanel, Essie, LOV are nailing it for us this season

Allsun, Emma and Emily from Fluff and Fripperies Beauty Blog

Essie’s Ready to Boa may be from last year’s winter collection but, to me, it’s the perfect autumn nail shade. Described as a bronzed mahogany, this has a lovely warmth and is shot through with a fine metallic shimmer. I think it has a really cosy vibe. Formula-wise, it’s all good – a smooth two-coater with no streaks. And obviously I love Essie even more now we can find it for €9.99 in the local chemist.

For Emily, it’s all about Chanel’s Mythique, which she included here in her seasonal faves. “I love using nail polish to help ease myself into a new season, it's the perfect transition piece especially if the weather isn’t quite ready for wardrobe changes just yet. To give a nod to the changing seasons I like to shop my own make-up collection to rediscover old favourites and opting for seasonal coloured nail polishes is a dead handy way to give a nod to the progressing year without too much effort!